3000 Years of Longing Movie Review | 4 stars | fun enjoyable film

3000 Years of Longing Movie Review

This movie was really good, up to a point. It had an interesting story & a good way of telling the story as well. Most of it was the Djinn recounting his life to Alithea, telling tales of Arabian nights & other interesting fables.

The movie seemed to be going along really well, until…

About 2/3 of the way through, the people making the movie remembered that they were supposed to be making some mushy love story. As if they think so little of women they must pander to their romantic needs. Women can enjoy more than simple love stories; some women are actually as smart as men even.

They really could have made this movie great if they would have continued the style up until the end. But they didn’t. Hollywood needs to get their thinking out of the 1950’s & start treating everyone as more than outdated stereotypes.

Great 2/3 of a movie, great 2/3 of a story, just a really fun 2/3 of a movie.

3000 Years of Longing Movie Review

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3000 Years of Longing Movie Review
3000 Years of Longing
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