I Finished the Entire Beatles Collection.

Well, the majority anyway. I listened to all 13 albums, that they managed to put out in just one decade.

I Finished the Entire Beatles Collection but I missed several singles.

I also listened to 14 singles. That means I have listened to 204 of their 229 originals & 25 covers. 

That is a LOT of music. Lennon & McCartney are credited with 159, Harrison with 22, Ringo with 2 & 2 are credited to all four members.

All in all that’s 9 hours & 24 minutes of music. I just played all of them in order, it was amazing. 

  • I think I will do it again, but on shuffle. 
  • Then alphabetical.
  • Then maybe in order of length.

As a kid I only had the the Red Album album & the Blue Album, which were “best of” compilations. My friend down the street, I forget his name, had them ALL. I spent a bit of time at his house.

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