Books are Being Banned! | It’s 40’s Berlin in USA

Books are Being Banned by the Right Wing (Conservatives, Republicans). They are banning books all over the country.

They are rewriting history in school curriculum to remove any mention of slavery & misdeeds of white people. Texas is one of the worst, recently trying to remove books in school libraries simply because they were written by black people.

They are trying to erase many of the atrocities that have been perpetrated by white people on multitudes of non-white peoples throughout history. You can’t “whitewash” history, it happened & needs to be reported.

White people raped & murdered Native Americans, white people tortured & enslaved Black People, white people committed genocide on the Jewish Community almost wiping them out & yes white people attacked the United States of America in a Civil War to protect their right to own slaves.

As a white man I am ashamed of our history & wish it never would have happened. But history should be taught so that it isn’t repeated.

Maybe that is what they want.

#Genocide #Holocaust #USCivilWar #Slavery #Whitewash

Books are Being Banned

It has to stop. This madness must end

book burning

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