Popcorn Flix Review

Popcorn Flix has an interesting twist, you can pay (.99 on the movie I watched) to view it without commercials. Interesting, but I’m cheap so I’ll watch the Ad’s. I watched “Jacob’s Ladder”, an insane psychological film about the Vietnam drug experiments on soldiers.  It was 1:53 long & showed 27 commercials, so not too bad. There was no censorship I saw bewbs & everything. There seemed to be a large selection of movies & I found several I wanted to check out. The downside to this one is that I don’t see a way to log in, so you can’t save favorite lists.

I like this channel, it is easy to use & has a good selection & a reasonable amount of commercial breaks. Plus you can always pay a small fee to watch without commercials if you wanted to. I give it a 4/5 or 8/10

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