Its Just Food People

Its Just Food

I just put 2 steaks (cheap ones) out to thaw for tomorrows dinner, they are listed as beef. Just beef, not “grass fed, farm raised, local, BGH free, organic, free range, yugioh, wagiyu; massaged beef”. WTF? I’m really sick of all of this bullshit. Food is just food, who gives a crap if eggs are from free range chickens? They were still squeezed from that thing’s ass. And stop asking for organic. ALL food is organic, your only other option is inorganic. You want to eat inorganic stuff? How eating about some: rubber, fiberboard, cement slurry or some good old fashioned glue? Those are your inorganic choices you yuppie morons. And for the love of toast stop asking for gluten free, you don’t have Celiac disease, you only ask for gluten free to act like you are cool. You are not.

its just food

My point is, food is just food, not some out of body freaking experience. Guy Fieri is just a douche bag with a stupid haircut & a funny accent. Bobby Flay has a superiority complex probably caused by a small penis or inadequate sex life. Robert Irvine is just a bully. And nothing is either cool nor tough about dudes with tattoos who make cupcakes, it’s just stupid. Really? Cupcakes? The only person on TV with a decent cooking show is Rachael Ray, she is pretty real about things. So get over it; cook, eat, enjoy, but stop overcomplicating it already. It’s just food.

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