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Time is a concept that seems to either baffle people or is of no interest beyond getting to an appointment. To those of us in the first category it is a perplexing riddle that may never be solved. I’m not speaking of the time on your wristwatch, but of time as a concept.

clock-icon Instantaneous Time Theory

We know that time does not stop, the days continually cycle through history fading out into many yesterdays. People have pondered the thought of somehow moving through time & many theories exist on how this could or could not be accomplished. There have been numerous reports of people seemingly predicting the future with startling accuracy. Most of us have had experiences of Deja vu before, I myself have had many.

Instantaneous Time Theory


Then there are the incredible cases such as Michel de Nostredame, who has garnered much attention & speculation. One theory even suggests that Nostradamus aged in reverse & this was how he knew about the future. That is quite absurd as if he did age backwards in time, he wouldn’t have been born far enough in the future to know the events he predicted.

The point is time is perplexing. How & why does it function? How, even if, can we control it? Was there a beginning? Will there be an end?

When I was a young boy my father asked me a question, he asked; “Son, what is outer space made of?”  To which I replied, “nothing”. “Right” he proclaimed; “Does it end?” I told him; “everything has an end”

Then he asked me what was past the end of space & I told him “Nothing”. “Isn’t that more space then?” I have never stopped thinking about that statement throughout my life. If space is never ending then time is also, or so it seems.

Instantaneous Time Theory

The Big Bang

The big bang theory is quite a stretch of the laws of both physics & science. To imagine that all the mass in the entire universe came from one tiny dot that exploded & expanded into all of the planets & stars that are around us.

The belief in this theory in my opinion a more of a religious nature than of a scientific one. The only evidence to support this outrageous theory is the fact that everything seems to be moving outward from a single point. What if the mass of the universe is not moving from this point, but the timeline is? That brings us to my theory.

The big bang was not one of mass at all, but instead one time itself. Imagine this: The big bang does occur & at that instantaneous flash all of the history of this timeline is expelled. Everything that has happened is happening or will happen played out in that brief instance. Does that mean that we do not really exist? No, it does not, we exist in our timeline & everything unfolds in its natural progression. A hard concept to grasp. Not really any harder than the Big Bang theory.

Instantaneous Time Theory

Changing Perceptions

It is simply a matter of not looking at time as a hand on the clock, not looking at it as a progression of events, not even looking at time at all. We have to forget the concept of time as we currently understand it & embrace it as simply a thing of its own existence. It has nothing to do with our fate or futures unless we let it.  If time is playing out its progression from a single past event, then we can interject two important statements, assuming this theory is valid.

If this timeline has already played out in its entirety, then we state that there is indeed a beginning as well as an end to time, as it pertains to our timeline.

If time is playing out from a single past event, then is theoretically possible to skip forward or backwards in the timeline as you are not constrained to a particular place in the line.

Instantaneous Time Theory

The Question

The question is how to manipulate the timeline to maneuver yourself through it at will. I believe it has unintentionally been done many times before. If your being & memories have already played out, then it would not be a stretch for your memories to occur at unscheduled points in the line.

Example: You are standing on a street corner at a point in time, your memories of the future have already occurred, so your mind shows you a flash of you being hit by a car. In that brief instance you hesitate from stepping off the curb just as a car goes speeding by. Some would call it a premonition, but it is actually your mind recalling an event from the future.

But that would contradict the theory in the fact that the timeline did not play out as it originally occurred as the event was manipulated by a fluke memory recall. That is a problem, at least for this particular timeline. But what if the bang started multiple timelines, dozens or possibly thousands of different lines that could be interacting with each other.

Instantaneous Time Theory


Another possibility is that the timeline is flexible. Even though the events played out in the initial creation, they can be manipulated & changed as the time plays out. With that scenario comes the possibility of interacting with the time and manipulating it to your will. When Nostradamus received his visions, they did not come in a dream or a flash, they were purposely called upon.

When he required a vision, he quietly stared into a bowl of water to receive it. What was he looking at in that bowl? Possibly the bowl was simply a tool to clear his mind so it could journey through the timeline and view an important portion of it.

That could be all it would take is a mind with the clarity to see past the restraints we impose on time, at that point you could move freely throughout it, or possible even control it. A perfectly clear mind, that is not easy to do. It would require much training & meditation. But imagine what one could attain in the process, in theory. 

Instantaneous Time Theory

What Does This Mean?

So, all of the events in time have already played out, we are simply recalling out own memories set in the timeline. This could explain many of the anomalies that sometimes occur in our lives. One example is the explanation of ghosts. Ghosts could simply be an anomaly of two parts of the line intersecting.

In this instance you would be seeing a “ghost” & the other person on the opposite side of the anomaly would be seeing you as a “ghost” as well. UFOs could be a craft from a future race traveling backwards in the line. They may be a new race or hyper-evolved humans (the timeline could be tens of thousands of years long). Clairvoyance, ESP, astral projection, past lives, premonitions, much of the supernatural gifts that people seem to have would be explained simply by a manipulation of the line.

Instantaneous Time Theory

Wrapping Up

A friend asked me once what the shortest distance between two points was & I told him, “Nothing”. We argued for quite a while; he is stating that the points could not exist in the same space, me maintaining that they can. Space has no value, time has no value, and they are nothing unless we let them be.

We must free our minds from the constraints that all of the theories & formulas that govern our sciences & look at it in a totally different way. I don’t believe we are yet ready for this type of thinking, but when we are we will finally be able to achieve anything. Being able to control this line will have benefits we cannot even imagine. 

Think about it, being able to intersect any points in the line & manipulate them to your will. No doubt this would, as every other scientific discovery, be perverted into a horrific weapon.

That is my ‘Instantaneous Time Theory’

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I originally wrote the ‘Instantaneous Time Theory’ way back in 1995. A lot has changed since then & I’m starting to think the Instantaneous Time Theory does not work. I have tried to go back in time on many occasions, but I always wake up. Oh well. Let me know in the comments if you have done it, or if I am, as usual, full of shit.

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