A Hard Day’s Night is solid 3rd LP

This is the better of the early albums.

Plus, all of the tracks on this one are originals.

A Hard Day’s Night is solid for their 3rd album.

There are more songs on it I like than the first two records combined. Thirteen songs and I like twelve of them. It feels like they were doing more of what they wanted. They were rocking a little more with A Hard Day’s Night than they had on Please Please Me & With The Beatles.

Still some sappy stuff on it,

but it is GOOD sappy stuff. Of all of the early albums, this one is my favorite.

  • Songs I love 7: “A Hard Day’s Night”, “I’m Happy Just to Dance with You”, “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “Any Time at All”, “When I Get Home”, “Things We Said Today” & “You Can’t do That”
  • Ones I just like : “I Should Have Known Better”, “If I Fell”, “Tell Me Why” & “I’ll Cry Instead”
  • I’m not crazy about only one song – “I’ll Be Back”
  • One song on this LP is AMAZING! – “And I Love Her”
    • I think this is an absolutely beautiful song.
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A Hard Day’s Night is solid

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