Yellow Submarine has a Good Side Fun 11th LP

So, this is a strange album, for sure. There are only 5 songs on the frontside (for those who know vinyl) & the back side has 7 instrumentals made for the movie.

Yellow Submarine has a Good Side!

Side one of the album has a few good songs on it as well as one awesome one, ‘All You Need is Love”. This song became an anthem for the hippie movement. It was a song about positivity, community & love. John & Yoko, as weird as they were, were an inspiration to the peace movement.

I saw an interview with Lennon once where the interviewer told John that peace would never work, no matter how they tried to make it happen. Even in the 60’s media was pro war. Peace will not work because it doesn’t make rich people money. War makes money.

The songs “All Together Now” & “Hey Bulldog” are good songs but that’s it, just good. Then there is the title song “Yellow Submarine”.

Ah, “Yellow Submarine“. This is one of the best sing-along songs ever. It has a catchy melody & a perfect chorus that everybody on the planet knows & loves. For some reason you just feel better when you sing it. That is why Yellow Submarine has a Good Side!

The song “It’s All Too Much” seems closer to a more modern rock song than one from the 60’s. Lennon and Harrison both played lead guitar using a large amount of feedback. Their producer, George Martin, came in at the end of the recording & added a four-piece horn section. George Harrison did not like at all.

“Basically, the song’s quite good but, you know, messed up with those trumpets.”

George Harrison

I agree with Harrison, and I do not like the horns on this at all. I think I’ll try to find a ‘naked’ version.

Yellow Submarine has a Good Side?

Now I need to talk about side two. It was connected to the “Yellow Submarine” animated movie.

Side two was created by George Martin and is composed of re-recordings from the film score. Martin used a 41-piece orchestra, recorded side two in just six hours. Martin included parts from Bach & Stravinsky and influences from Mozart.

All said, the music on side two is actually pretty good. If you are wanting to hear classical & not rock and roll. That is why I put a question mark at the end of Yellow Submarine has a Good Side?

My favorites & not so much

I am only going to pick songs from the side one part of the LP. The back side songs are good for background music when you are playing D&D, but not much else.

  • Songs I like 2: “All Together Now” & “Hey Bulldog”
  • Songs I love 1: “It’s All Too Much”
  • Super fun to sing along with 1: “Yellow Submarine”
  • Amazing songs 1: “All You Need Is Love”
  • Songs thatt suck 8: “Only a Northern Song” & all of side 2

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Yellow Submarine has a Good Side

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