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Science Technology Gadgets
Science Technology Gadgets

I love Gadgets

I love technology, you might even say I am addicted to tech & gadgets. I have had every gadget imaginable. My first PDA was a Palm m100 & I have never been without one since. Oh, they progressed into Blackberries, Pocket PC’s then Windows Mobile phones. Then on January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone and the entire industry changed. Now the phones we have are marvels of tech, but they are still infused with the original PDA-DNA.

Computers have revolutionized the world, with many amazing things such as ‘Clippy’. But seriously, we have so many things we use in our everyday lives that 50 years ago would have been science fiction. Now we have voice assistants, GPS enabled maps, video phone calls, live language translators & a literal world of information available in the palm of our hands.

New technology is getting quite advanced today. There are so many advances happening at such a fast pace it is sometimes hard to keep up with. Some of the biggest progress being made in the field of artificial intelligence are, autonomous cars, natural language processing, quantum computing, vision and image processing & video gaming AI opponents. It is a very exciting time & I have an assistant in every room. Que the Terminator music.

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