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Why Reverend Chris Loves to Cook!

Do I love to cook? Oh yeah, I absolutely love to cook. When I am cooking, I feel creative & in control. I feel like an artist.

When I was young, man that makes me sound old, one of my favorite things to do was cook with my mom. Mom would be trying to fix dinner for the family & some 10-year-old kid would be begging his dad for the blowtorch to finish his creme Brulee.

She probably hated me when she was standing in the middle of the grocery store trying to figure out what Arugula was. There was no Google back then, so you had to read books, actual books. I would read anything about cooking I could get my hands on. When we were at an office or doctors, I would tear recipes out of the magazines so I could cook them.

When I turned 13, I got my first wok. At 14 I got spring-form pans, 15 was a full set of baking/cake decorating equipment. Sixteen, apron with my name & a chef hat (still have the apron, lost the hat). Seventeen, cast iron skillets. And at eighteen I got a set of Henckels knives that I still use every day.

I only Cooked at two jobs: McDonald’s & Furr’s Cafeteria. At Mickey D’s I cooked burgers & breakfast, but at Furr’s I got to do a bit of everything. I was mainly the vegetable cook, responsible for side dishes & a LOT of prep. I also got to work in the bakery & the dessert section one day a week.

I absolutely loved working there, but I left to work for a local auto parts store. Oh well, now I am (forcibly) retired so I have lots of time to play in the kitchen.

Again, what was I thinking?

Why A Food Blog?

I am an ‘In-Ret’, an Involuntary Retired Human being. I have a lot of time on my hands & like to keep my mind occupied. That is why I am running a food blog; it helps my mind stay focused on something. There is a lot of work maintaining a blog, and I am currently doing it all by myself. This, along with some cannabis, helps me to forget that I am in excruciating pain all of the time.

In this food blog (one of a billion) I Am going to show you tips, tricks, hacks & easy to make recipes, along with stories from my foodie friends to help you out in the kitchen.

Food is more than just sustenance, it is fun. For some of us it is our passion, for others it is literally a way of life.

Reverend Chris

The cupboard is bare?

Cooking good food when you don’t have much in the cupboard. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have a lot of money & even less time these days. Usually, we don’t have tons of ingredients in the house to work with, so we are limited on the dishes we can cook. Or are we?

  • Oftentimes you can switch out ingredients or just eliminate them all together.
  • But there are certain things you need to keep stocked up on, no matter what.

I became a single dad at 25, with a two-year-old. It was pretty challenging to say the least & we did not have much money. I had to be creative with groceries & with cooking. Needless to say, I found a lot of shortcuts to eating well on a budget.

So, there you have it, Reverend Chris loves to cook & has since he was a small child. Join us as we figure out how to fix simple meals that taste great & won’t break the bank.

Here are the places I worked as a cook

1983 – 1988
My first cooking job. Not fine cuisine, but I had a lot of fun. At Mickey D’s I cooked burgers & breakfast so I developed a little bit of cooking skill.

Furr’s Cafeteria
1989 – 1990
At Furr’s I got to do a bit of everything. I was mainly the vegetable cook, responsible for side dishes & a LOT of prep. I also got to work in the bakery & the dessert section one day a week.

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