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There are a lot of great artists, coders & others who create things that make the internet better. Thanks to all of you. FOSS forever!

Credit the People – Resources

Here are some of the online resources I use for my sites. 

  • Advanced Renamer – Awesomest batch file renaming utility for Windows.
  • Canva – You can create all kinds of stuff.
  • Case Converter – Fixes that long sentence you typed with [CapLock] on. Moron.
  • Cloudflare – For helping sites do what they do, only better. It has to be magic.
  • Cool Text – The classic logo maker, to make fun & goofy logos.
  • Flaticon – Has a ton of nice icons to use for free.
  • Google – Everything is free. How do they keep growing? It is a mystery to us all.
  • Icon Archive – If you need icons (.png & .ico) this is the main site you want.
  • Online Image Editor – Really easy & very useful, makes transparent. PNG’s. It really does.
  • PingTree – tons of free .png & icon files, only get 2 per day for free. Lame!
  • Microsoft – For their awesome Paint 3D & Office Online.
  • Wallpapers Wide – THE place for wallpapers, they have a ginormous amount.
  • WallpapersCraft – Also have a lot of wallpapers, in case you couldn’t find them on ⬆.
  • – Everything you need to know about the amazing WP system.

Credit the People – Artists

Here is a list of the awesome, magnificent icon creators I like.

Credit the People – Google

What can I say about Google? A lot.

Google might have started as a simple search engine way back in 1998 when Larry Page and Sergey Brin created a search algorithm that would become the major player in internet search. Not only that, but their company would be a complete juggernaut on the internet in general.

Google has become a company that has its hands in almost everything, search, office apps, artificial intelligence, smart homes, even automobiles & satellite mapping. Just take a look at this list of some of the things they offer.

  • AI chips (TPU)
  • artificial intelligence (Assistant)
  • email (Gmail)
  • cloud storage (Drive)
  • gaming (Stadia)
  • language translation (Translate)
  • machine learning APIs (TensorFlow)
  • messaging (Chat)
  • music streaming (YouTube Music)
  • navigation (Maps)
  • office suite (Docs,Sheets,Slides)
  • operating systems (Android,ChromeOS)
  • photo storage (Photos)
  • productivity (Workspace)
  • quantum computing (Sycamore)
  • self-driving cars (Waymo)
  • smart cities (Sidewalk Labs)
  • smart home (Nest)
  • smartphones (Pixel)
  • transformer models (Google Brain)
  • video calling (Duo)
  • video on demand (TV)
  • video sharing (YouTube)
  • virtual assistant (Hey Google)
  • wearable technology (Fitbit)
  • web browsing (Chrome)

And much more is in the works.

The best part is most of this is free! Credit the people who can do all of that.

Well, they do sell your info.

Credit the People – Microsoft

Microsoft has some good stuff too. Seriously!

First off, the new Edge browser is a huge winner. Unlike the early Edge, or (gasp) Internet Explorer.

Edge has matured into a great browser with a lot of features that work better than is sister browser Chrome. That’s right, Esge is now built on Chromium, just like Google’s. You can even install apps from the official Chrome store.

You just can’t beat Microsoft for productivity. The Office Suite of tools is, in my opinion, the best there is. I have tried Open Office, Libre Office, Google’s (office), all of them. You just can’t beat the original ‘Office’ for getting things done. Now the online versions are completely free, and you get a lot for your $0.00.

  • Word – the best word processor ever
  • Excel – almost the best spreadsheet, I still have a soft spot for Lotus 123 (RIP, 2013)
  • PowerPoint – an awesome slideshow/presentation presenter
  • One Note – a great, albeit sometimes confusing, note taking app
  • Todo – helps me keep my shit together with multi checklists
  • OneDrive – keeps your files in the cloud & ready to access
  • Calendar – I love the new ‘board view’, reminds me of the old Outlook program
  • Teams – I don’t use it but my wife used it during Covid while she worked at home
  • Rewards – free stuff, I’m in. I have gotten a Bluetooth speaker, headphones, Xbox controller & more

They don’t have as much as Google, but what they do have is top notch. So, credit the people at Microsoft, they deserve it.

So, a big shoutout to Google & Microsoft for giving us so many free services to play with. They may be selling our information to the entire planet, but that free shit is so awesome.

Share the love.

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