Who Shall Cast the First Sermon?

I am writing some sermons, they are meant to be taken as opinion, though I doubt you religious nuts will see it that way. So don’t go telling me about how these stories are taken out of contest. That excuse is a lame attempt for you to justify a religion that is based on lies. I used to be just like you; I went to church regularly, read the stories & listened to the sermons. I believed. But when I started acting rational & asking questions I always got the same answers: “it’s Gods will”, “we are not meant to know”, or the best one “have faith”.

Faith can only get you so far & when it runs out all that is left is the truth. A truth that reveals the religion I once believed in was a sick scary lie. There have been more atrocities, murders, & horrible crimes committed in the name of Christianity that anything else. Throughout the bible there are horrifying stories of mass murder, rape, torture, slavery & other despicable acts committed by Christians in the name of God. Context? The true context of the bible is an instruction manual for every perverted act man can think of, carried out in the name of god.

That is not my god.

reverend Chris

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