My Awesome Doggies

If you have never felt the love & companionship of a good dog then I feel sorry for you. Those of us who love their dogs know what I mean when I call them my babies. They love me no matter what; if I’m having a good day, bad day, sick, depressed, whatever it is, they don’t care. They just love me all the time. I have three Dachshunds & when I get home from work they go nuts. I have to let (Millie) the littlest one give me a kiss or she will bark non stop until I do, my other mini (Zoe) shakes & whines with excitement until I pet her & the old man (Traces) follows me around until I pet him. They are genuinely excited & happy to see me, they love me. The little ones sleep curled up between my wife & me, they are usually sitting with one of us in the evening as we watch TV & play games. Yes a good dog really loves you & good owners really love them back. My dogs are my babies & I would do anything I had to for them. Because I love them.

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