When the writers strike is over | 2023 new ideas

For when the writers strike is over

And they get a better deal and start working again, I have some requests. 

1. I am tired of Zombie or ‘post-apocalyptic’ movies. Think of something new. 

2. There are horror movie plots than: ‘family moves into a new house, children are haunted, something terrible happened, family figures it out & sets things right, oh no, the ghosts are still mad, family moves away; but the (child, dog, cat, doll) might be possessed. Sequel? 

3. Start casting more ‘normal’ people. Big name celebrities don’t need to be in everything. 

4. For god’s sake start learning something about how technology really works. 

5. Knock it off with the jump scares, it’s just lazy. 

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Now, lets see what the AI has to say about this:

when the writers strike is over

Of course, let’s explore a fresh and imaginative movie concept that doesn’t involve zombies or a post-apocalyptic setting. How about a movie centered around the concept of “Time Guardians”?

Title: “ChronoKeepers”

Genre: Science Fiction/Adventure


In a world where time travel is a well-kept secret, a group of individuals known as the “ChronoKeepers” exist to ensure the integrity of the space-time continuum. They are tasked with preventing unauthorized time travel and the potential catastrophic consequences it could cause.


The story follows Alex, a young, brilliant scientist who discovers the existence of time travel and stumbles upon evidence of rogue time travelers wreaking havoc across various time periods. Terrified by the chaos they could unleash on the world, Alex is initiated into the ChronoKeepers, a clandestine organization of individuals from different eras who have dedicated their lives to preserving the past, present, and future.

As Alex becomes a Time Guardian, they must navigate complex missions involving historical figures, legendary events, and critical moments in time to thwart the rogue time travelers’ plans. Along the way, they’ll form alliances with fellow ChronoKeepers, each possessing unique abilities tied to their respective time periods. These characters include a Renaissance artist with an extraordinary understanding of art and physics, a Viking warrior with a deep connection to nature and its secrets, and a tech-savvy hacker from a future where time travel is commonplace.

The film could delve into the moral dilemmas of altering the past, the consequences of tampering with the future, and the responsibility that comes with being a guardian of time. It would blend elements of science fiction, history, and adventure, offering viewers a fresh and intellectually stimulating experience that explores the complexity of time itself.

“ChronoKeepers” would bring together a diverse cast of characters, time periods, and action-packed sequences while offering a thought-provoking exploration of time travel’s ethical and philosophical implications.

This concept allows for an exciting and original cinematic experience while moving away from the tired tropes of zombies and post-apocalyptic scenarios.

when the writers strike is over

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