Awesome God Song | Reverend Chris | 3 verses

This is a religious parody song I wrote about God. I mean the “Bible God” not every other god. I think it’s funny & hope you enjoy it. It should be sung with a peppy upbeat style.

Our God is an awesome God.
Just look at the things he’s done,
& you’ll know he’s number one.
Our God is an awesome God.
Just don’t piss him off,
or he’ll kill your first-born son.

When the people in the world,
weren’t acting very nice.
God called upon old Noah,
& said “take my advice”.
Just build yourself an ark,
get the animals two by two.
I’ll flood the freaking’ planet,
& kill everyone but you.
<repeat chorus>

Now Sodom & Gomorra,
were quite the party towns.
But everyone was naughty,
there was too much sin around.
God told his good friend Lot,
“get the hell out of this place”.
I’ll burn up all the people,
& rub salt in your face.
<repeat chorus>

Now listen to me people,
pay heed to my advice.
When Jesus came the first time,
he was pretty nice.
It wont be like that next time,
a new attitude you’ll see.
He’s gonna kick some ass and,
really mess up you & me.
<repeat chorus>

Awesome God Song | Reverend Chris

Real Reverend Chris Church of Truth Awesome God Song
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