2022 Election Primaries | Delaware – New Hampshire – Rhode Island | 7 Bad Problems

2022 Election Primaries

There are so many factors at play I don’t think anyone knows what is going to happen. No, not even Nate Silver.

The 2022 primary elections are going to be a shit show. Why do I say that?

  1. The Republicans have gone insane, literally. The only thing they do is try to frighten their base with nonstop conspiracy theories & lies. I have never seen anything like this & their base (29% MAGA-Tards) believe everything they are force fed.
  2. The Democrats are weak, I mean embarrassingly weak. They never call out the Right Wing on their bullshit & just let themselves get walked all over. I am truthfully ashamed to be a Democrat at this point in time. Come on Dem’s, stand up to these bullies.
  3. The media. Ex-President Trump called them the ‘Fake News’ media, and he was right. Just not the way he thought. See, the media is fake, at least from the people’s point of view. Thet tell the “truth” from the perspective of their advertisers, the Elites & the Doners. Basically, anyone who gives them money. They never challenge power & never bite the hands that feed them.
  4. The Maga-Tards, or the lower 30% as I like to call them. These are the faithful servants to their dear leader, Ex-President Trump. They believe that the [2020] election was stolen, that schools are teaching our kids about pornography, the Democrats are grooming children to be sex slaves & something (I’m not quite sure) about Hunter Biden. Basically, they will believe anything FOX News & Alex Jones tell them. You cannot reason with them because they are stupid. I really mean that, they are complete morons.
  5. Money in politics. My grandfather, Sgt. Joe Boggs, told me once; “You can send an honest man to Washington, but before long the temptation of the money being thrown around will corrupt him.” He was not wrong, either. The lobbyists, political action committees, corporations & ultra-wealthy will do their best to keep their money & power. They buy politicians, judges, law enforcement & other officials like bits of candy to put in their pockets. Using the ‘system’ to their benefit to skirt the laws and, in some cases, just flat out ignore them.
  6. The justice system. A lot of people like to say that the Supreme Court is an impartial ‘non-political’ entity. Those people are either delusional, stupid or just flat-out liars. Our justice system has, in case you missed it, two tiers (possibly more) of legality. There are the elites; the Trumps, Musks & Bezos’s of the world who never seem to get in any trouble. Then there a the ‘plebes’ the normal (read, non-rich) folks like you & me & even the ‘lower 30’ that can’t get out of a god damn parking ticket. The elites flout their obligations to appear or testify in court, ignoring those pesky little subpoenas.
  7. Finally, there is our voting system. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Jerrymandering, voter suppression, the electoral college, voter roll purging, voter intimidation & the imbalance in campaign advertising are a few of the things that plague our system. When someone tells me that ‘their vote doesn’t matter’ & always tell them that it does & encourage them to get registered. I know inside that there is a lot of truth in what they are saying as there are so many obstacles to overcome.

the Solution?

I don’t have a solution to this, and quite frankly I am not sure that there is one to be honest. For me, I think the biggest problem is ‘money in politics’. Until we solve this, the ruling class will continue to buy of politicians and, well, rule us.

I can tell you this, what you do as an American citizen can make a difference. Don’t just vote but get involved in the political system. Volunteer to help get progressive candidates elected. Spread the word about good, as well as the bad things you see in government. Help other people to get registered & vote. Donate to grass roots progressive campaigns. You can even run for office yourself. Don’t believe me?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a regular working girl until she decided to run. Look at her now

Also, Hershall Walker is polling better than his opponent & he is a fucking moron.
If ‘head trauma’ Hershall can win, anyone can.

Here are some resources to help you get started. Whatever you choose to do, just DO SOMETHING!

Resources for you.

  • GovTrack – Find out who your representatives are, & how to contact them to Let them know how you feel.
  • Vote Smart – Find out about a politicians positions & voting records.
  • Justice Democrats – Pledging to run without corporate money, these are the people we need.
  • Politifact – Aiming to help you find the truth in politics.
  • Run For Office – Have you ever thought about running for office? You can!

2022 Election Primaries – thanks for reading

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