Who or what is God? | My #1 guess is Aliens

Who or what is God is the ultimate question. Is he real? Will I go to heaven? Will there be angels?

Is there a god?
The devout will tell you; YES! There most certainly is a god. Don’t need proof, don’t need evidence; they have faith.

Science will tell you; NO! Can’t see it, can’t touch it, can’t prove it. Therefore, God does not exist.

They can’t both be right, can they?
There is a god & we know it, without a doubt.
There is not a god & we can explain everything in the bible with science.

Who is right? 

Someone has to be right. Or do they?

On the one hand we have the Christians, the Muslims, the Buddhists, Mormons, Catholics, Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism; there are many different religions, too many to even list. Then you have different groups inside those, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran even non-denominational.

Everyone has their own views on God & the history of man. Everyone has their own story of what happens when we die, & how to get to a good place after that. We all want something better. We all dream of something better.

Then there is the other hand. The disbelievers, the non-believers, the sinners. No not necessarily sinners, not all of them anyway. They have facts on their side. Like: almost nothing in the bible or other religious texts can be proven. I mean “courtroom” type of proven; you know with solid factual evidence. Truth be told, most of the things in the bible have a rational explanation. All you need to do is look at the facts.

What do these facts tell us?

  • Fact 1: You cannot prove the existence of God or who or what is God. You might believe, but you can’t prove it. Not with facts, not with evidence. Can’t be done.
  • Fact 2: You cannot prove the existence of heaven or an afterlife, unless you die & then you probably won’t be able to tell anyone.
  • Fact 3: You cannot prove most of the stories in the bible. We have some clues & possible evidence, but it all happened so long ago we’re relying on basic word of mouth.
  • Fact 4: You will never, ever, get the Christians, the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Mormons or any of the others to agree on any of this stuff.
  • And finally, Fact 5: You can believe in God, & still trust the science as well.

You don’t have to believe in the bible, or the Talmud, or the Koran. Those are just books written by men, they are just stories. If you choose to believe them then what is the harm? Some of those stories can give you valuable lessons on how to live your life. Some of them are downright NASTY!

The point is this

God really has nothing to do with the stories that we have written down. Think about it for a minute. No one in this time has any firsthand knowledge of God or the afterlife, no one. Why would anyone think that for some strange reason people that lived 2000 years ago had?

We know a lot more now than we did 2000 years ago. So, we’re basing our lives on stories that people told 2 centuries ago. I don’t know about you, but I am not basing anything on that information. I want new information. I want my own information.

This is a radical departure from mainstream religion, this is new & bold. People are scared of new & bold. But this it’s not scary, & I’ll tell you why.

Who or what is God? What is real? We’ll that is a hard thing to come up with.

So, what do we know?

Science tells us that we have evolved from some type of primate. OK, we’ll go with that for a while. We know evolution works; man has witnessed is different species. So, we’ll go with that too. We also know that some pretty weird things are going on all around us, just watch an episode of Ghost Hunters & you’ll know what I mean.

Ghosts, Angels, Spirits.

Whatever you want to call them it’s pretty hard to ignore the firsthand accounts that people are having all around us. Not wacko people: real, normal, decent people are seeing & hearing things that can’t be explained. Like who or what is God.

If this is going on now, it’s safe to assume that it would have also been going on 2000 years ago. If someone from Noah’s time saw a ghost, what would he have thought? Angel? More than likely.

Who or what is God?

So, what exactly does all of this tell us, who knows for sure so we will have to inject a little bit of informed speculation into the mix. We may never know who or what is God

First off, the monkey thing. It’s feasible to believe that we evolved from some sort of primate. But what puzzles me is the introduction of high-level cognitive thought. That just doesn’t seem to be a very evolutionary type of adjustment.

There are a lot of smart animals on the planet, for sure. But none of them has the brainpower of man. Why would we develop that & the other primates who continued along a similar path as we didn’t? Interesting question.

Then we’ll go to the scary ghost thing. Something is here with us. Too many people have experienced it, including me. I don’t know whether it is the souls of our departed, a parallel dimension, or something else altogether. Who or what is God?

We can speculate on the origin of these ethereal sightings all day long & never figure out what they are. What we need to focus on is that they do exist. People do see these things. They are not all hallucinating.

Now is where the informed speculation comes in. At some point in the development of man something radical happened, probably not on its own, something intervened. We also know that there is something here with us, existing alongside of us. That tells us that there is an outside force acting upon us.

Something greater than we are. Something like GOD?

Who or what is God? Does God exist?

I say Yes, yes, he does. But he is not what you think he is.

Probably aliens. 

Definitely aliens.

I do, however, have a few thoughts on


Cults always get busted in the end. Why, because they are cults!

With these 10 simple steps your cult can stay out of the government crosshairs.
  1. Don’t have sex with underage girls.
  2. Don’t make sex with a leader or person a requirement to join the cult.
  3. Don’t have more than 1 wife. You can have many girlfriends, but only 1 wife.
  4. Don’t keep a lot of firearms/weapons lying around.
  5. Do let your members communicate & see their family members.
  6. Don’t serve Flavor Aid to groups from large buckets.
  7. Do pay your taxes.
  8. Don’t worship a person. 
  9. Don’t use your name in the title, i.e.. Church of Bob.
  10. Don’t worry so much about getting to the next world, concentrate on this one.

The point here is: Don’t start another cult.

We’ve had enough!

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