the Greatest Machine Ever Built

Part 2

“Today, your cell phone has more computer power than all of NASA back in 1969." —Michio Kaku

That doesn't mean they weren't powerful.

Apollo had 4 computers. – Launch Computer – Guidance Computer – Lander Guidance Computer – Lander Backup (abort) Computer

At 90 lbs. this was the most compact computer  of its time.

Launch Vehicle Digital Computer

Launch Vehicle Digital Computer

The IU 

The IU 

(instrumentation unit)

Fill in some text

21 ft wide 3 ft tall  2.2 tons Controls the Rocket

Apollo Guidance Computer

It was about as powerful as an Apple II.

These gave the Astronauts ‘flight’ control.

So you see, these 4 computers were very powerful & did an amazing job.

Here are some facts for you to think about.

It took 350 people to design the software for  Apollo 11

IBM designed & built most of the computer systems.

The fastest computer today is 146 million times faster.

Your phone has over one million times more memory.

Computers flew most of the mission, not the astronauts.

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"the Greatest Machine Ever Built"

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