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Transgender Explanation is Not Complicated

Hey everyone Rev. Chris here, previously I explained what LGBTQ was & hopefully you have a better understanding of it. Now I’m going to expand on the more complex topic of transgender people. I’ll also touch on that controversial topic of going to the bathroom.

What is it to be transgender?

Well, it’s a complex issue with a pretty simple explanation. The development of a baby is a complex process & a lot of things can go awry. A baby can be born with a heart murmur or missing an arm or a cleft palate. When this happens, we feel bad & then someone fixes the problem with surgery or therapy. Imagine if you were born with the wrong brain? What if you had a male brain in a female’s body. Doesn’t sound so far-fetched when you think about it like that does it. It’s really no different than being born with any other issue. Yet we shun the transgender person for something that is completely not their fault.

Sexual preference is another confusing issue

It can be confusing when dealing with trans people. You might think that if you are a trans woman that you should like men. But since your body is male would that make you gay? So, are you a gay man woman trans lesbian?

This is confusing. But it really isn’t. No matter what sex you are, you can be attracted to any other sex. You might be a trans woman who likes women, or a man that likes men, or you might be attracted to the opposite sex. The fact is who you like has nothing to do with who you are, they are totally separate. The transgender explanation should be getting a little clearer.

Fixing the problem of transgender is a fairly complex issue as well.

First you have to go to counselling to make sure you are really trans & not just sexually confused. Then you start hormone therapy to help your body be the sex it is supposed to be. The huge problem with all of this is cost. Most insurance companies will NOT pay for any of these treatments, even though I believe it is a legitimate medical need.

The high cost of surgery prohibits a lot of people from getting the reassignment surgery so they are left in a state of limbo& can’t complete the final step. These people are referred to as pre-op transexuals.

They are the people who need our support, not our ridicule. They need the insurance industry to recognize their needs & include them in their coverage. The transgender explanation should be coming into focus.

Being transgender is not easy to deal with.

Imagine as a young child not feeling comfortable in your own skin. Imagine as a teen knowing that you are not in the correct body. Then imagine as an adult having to listen to the ignorant people telling you to pretend to be something you are not.

So now with a better understanding of what transgender is & isn’t hopefully you will know how to treat them, as regular people. The transgender explanation should be clearing up a lot now.

I’d like to touch on the bathroom issue as well. It was a huge deal for a while & thankfully it has died down a bit.

OK, first let me tell you what the lawmakers are afraid of.

They are afraid that evil transgender people are just waiting around to sneak into a public restroom & rape our children. This notion is preposterous, just because you are trans doesn’t mean you are a pervert.

Secondly their logic is completely flawed. What they want to do is keep transgendered people out of the wrong bathroom. In reality trans people have been sharing the restrooms with you for decades & you didn’t even know it.

Their law says that transgender people must use the restroom of the sex they were assigned at birth. Sounds good so far but it is totally backwards. Let’s say you have a trans man, born in a woman’s body but the brain of a man. He goes through the hormone replacement therapy, develops facial hair, starts to look & feel more like a man.

Now when you see this person you see a man, the way he looks, acts & interacts with the world around him is all masculine. Then he tries to go to the restroom. According to your law he must use the restroom of his birth sex, which is… FEMALE!  Now you have a man in the women’s bathroom. OOPS!

The same is true of a trans woman, you’re going to get a woman in the men’s room. Neither one of those sound very safe. So, the laws you enacted to help prevent problems actually cause them. Best thing to do is just to forget about all of this & let people live their lives. The only thing people are doing in bathrooms is going to the bathroom. The transgender explanation should be clear as vodka now.

So now you see the transgender explanation is easy to Understand. Hopefully.

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