the Ketchup Controversy 100% Suspicious

I am testing Heinz, Hunts, French’s, Red Gold, Monarch, Del Monte, as well as some fast-food packets.

the Ketchup Controversy. What controversy?
the Ketchup Controversy

What is the Ketchup Controversy?

Modern ketchup is a condiment made from tomatoes, sugar, and vinegar, with seasonings and spices.
Typically, it has cloves, cumin, garlic, allspice, coriander, mustard & sometimes has cinnamon or ginger. Heinz is the current leader in sales with 60% in the US & 82% in the UK. And, yes, in the 18th century it was made with mushrooms & wasn’t even red. It kind of looked like poop.

So, what is the Ketchup Controversy? It is simply this, “is it spelled ketchup or catsup“? Okay, that isn’t really a controversy, but it is a question that needs to be answered once & for all. Also, who makes McDonalds ketchup & why is ketchup so popular in the first place & which is the best one?

What’s in a name?

There are several names for our yummy red sauce: in USA & Canada they call it “ketchup”, in Mexico & some southern US states it is “catsup”, the Welsh & Scotts call it “red sauce” & a lot of other countries simply call it “tomato sauce”. No one is 100% certain where it came from or who invented it, but there are many theories on the subject.

Who has what?

  • McDonalds – When I worked there in the 80’s management insisted McD’s made it themselves. I have read it was Heinz, also that it was not Heinz in the US, Now the claim is they are making it themselves, so it’s hard to tell. I guess we will never know.
  • Whataburger – The package says MFG. FOR Whataburger, so they don’t make it themselves. As to who does, it’s anybody’s guess. All I know is their spicy ketchup is the best!
  • Heinz is used at: Wendy’s, Sonic, KFC, Arby’s, Jack in the Box, In-N-Out, Steak “n” Shake, White Castle & Burger King

Which is the best?

The “best” is a subjective answer, but I am going to tell you which one I like the best. You really can’t go by sales metrics because that is a product more of advertising than taste. So, here we go…

I am testing Heinz, Hunts, French’s, Red Gold, Monarch, Del Monte, as well as some fast-food ones.

Heinz871025bestselling brand, 3rd best overall
Heinz Simply971026a ‘better’ Heinz
Hunts1071027way better than you think it is
Red Gold35513Used at a local Tulsa restaurant “Ted’s”
French’s46616disappointing, considering the mustard
Monarch3159just plain yucky
Del Monte52714it’s better than Monarch
Whataburger10101030hands down the winner, it is expensive though
McDonalds871025still don’t know who makes it
Wendy’s871025just repackaged Heinz
My personal opinions.

Final Thoughts on the Ketchup Controversy?

If you like spicy, the Whataburger Spicy is amazing. It goes to 11. That’s 33 points!

Most of the fast-food places I went to just had Heinz, usually with their own branding.

The only two I would buy in the store are Heinz Simply or Hunts, unless I win the lottery then I’s Whataburger all the way.

Next, I’m going after the mustards.

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What is the Ketchup Controversy as it pertains to kooky conspiracy theories?

The “Ketchup Contradiction” (aka, the Ketchup Controversy) says that when foodstuffs are cooked by heating in a fire, they may contain carbon monoxide which can react with oxygen molecules to create what’s known as hydrogen sulfide gas. The phenomenon has been dubbed “ketchup.”

Not surprisingly it created some controversy due not only because of its high rate and frequency, but also for how long this reaction takes place before releasing hazardous amounts into air. This was part of the Ketchup controversy. Then there were those who blamed scientists investigating these issues on promoting fear about ketchups causing cancer or being carcinogenic if eaten hot; then came group advocating eating it frozen on a stick. A Ketsup-sicle if you will.

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