Rubber Soul Beatles 6th LP Getting Better

The Beatles seemed to be rounding the corner from “bubblegum” love songs turning to more experimental sounds.

Rubber Soul Beatles 6th LP – my thoughts

This album has one of my favorites; “Norwegian Wood”. It also has the beautiful “Nowhere Man” & “Michelle”. I like 10 out of 14 tunes on Rubber Soul, more than half. Also, all of the tracks on this album or originals. See record company management, let the band take care of the music and good things will happen.

Here are my favorite and least favorite songs on ‘Rubber Soul’

  • Songs I like 5: “Drive My Car”, “You Won’t See Me”, “Think for Yourself”, “The Word” & “I’m Looking Through You”
  • Songs I love 4: “Norwegian Wood”, Nowhere Man”, “Michelle” & “Girl”
  • Exceptional songs: “In My Life”

Who is Sir Richard Starkey?

All of the fourteen tracks on this album were written by the Beatles, except for one track that was co-written by a mysterious gentleman by the name of Sir Richard Starkey. Upon closer inspection and deductive reasoning with my sleuthing skills we find out that Sir Richard Starkey is the person with the better-known alias of Ringo Starr. Glad I could clear that up.

So, with Rubber Soul Beatles 6th LP they are almost around that corner…

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Rubber Soul Beatles 6th LP

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