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Nope Movie Review

Got to say, I’m a Jordan Peel fan. I loved ‘Get Out’, I liked ‘Us’ & I love his comedy skits, but…

I didn’t like ‘Nope’ very much. I fear that Peel is becoming a Shyamalan.


This movie was really building up to something, or so I thought. But the reveal was just wierd.

Forget the fact that there have been a Ka-gillion alien abduction movies, or aliens devouring livestock as well as people. Just forget all of that & remember the scene where the people were being eaten alive. That scene looked like a middle school film project. Did they literally just use cellophane for that effect?

Then you get to the alien, or should I call it a monster? I get that they were going for a ‘completely different’ alien than had been seen before, but really? It was basically a tangled parachute with a ‘Minecraft’ mouth. It was just silly looking & not believable as a terrible monster.

Then you kill the monster with a balloon? Come, on. It wasn’t even a balloon filled with Hindenburg gas; it was just helium.

Plus, OJ figured out with no data or testing that if you don’t look at the tangled parachute monster that it can’t find you. WHY? This is probably the most idiotic plot point I have ever heard of. He is not killing over an aggressive territorial stance; the stupid alien blimp thing is just hungry.

Was a weird & lazy movie with dialog that I couldn’t hear at times. It had a typical alien movie plot, generic characters & scenes made from stock footage.

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nope movie review
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