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My Favorite WordPress Blocks?

That is a great question. There are so many plugins with different uses, it’s hard to choose.

I am mainly focusing on three plugins in particular: Kadence Blocks, Jetpack & Ultimate Blocks.

Why did I pick these three?
I put them on a spreadsheet & weeded out the duplicates. I tested all os the plugins to see which ones I liked the most.

the best Block plugins

In my opinion are, in the following order:

  1. Kadence Blocks – These are some of the best quality blocks available. There are many useful items, including; accordion, countdown, dividers, forms, sliders, testimonials & templates.
  2. Ultimate Blocks – They deserve a #2 spot for quality & usefulness, including; call to action, howto, social share, sliders & star ratings.
  3. Jetpack – This one is so much more than plugins, it is a full suite of tools for your site. It also includes some great plugins, like; forms, payments, podcasts, posts, instagram, pinterest & lots of business & payment plugins.
  4. CoBlocks is another great option with a lot of useful things, including; carousel, tweets, hero, icons, logos, social, galleries & much more.
  5. Getwid is an excellent choice & the only one that has an anchor block, also; count down/up, instagram, image stack, toggle & templates.
  6. Spectra has a lot of useful blocks, like; testimonials, FAQ, CTA, howto’s, timelines, lottie animations, price lists, teams & taxonamies.
  7. Essential has many unique blocks, such as; flip box, image compare, NFT’s, parallax slider & typing text. As well as many more.
  8. Rank Math is not really a block plugin but it is a great SEO & does have a couple of nice blocks; FAQ, howto & table of contents.

So this is only a top 8,

but these are the good ones. If I had to recommend only one it would be Kadence, followed by Ultimate. Jetpack is great for the sheer amount of other things it does.

I am currently using: Jetpack, Kadence, Ultimate as well as Rank Math.

Just remember that once you start using one you will need to keep using it, or it could break your site.

My Favorite WordPress Blocks

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My Favorite WordPress Blocks
My Favorite WordPress Blocks
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