My 1st MRI | Fun! | Thank You Nikola Tesla

Thanks to good old Nick T. For pioneering the technology that made my first MRI possible. Now a doctor with a name I can barely pronounce will analyze the images & figure out why my back hurts all the time. The MRI process was pretty easy.

You lie down on the padded (uncomfortable) table & they prop up your knees with a pad to make you a little more comfortable. Then they pop in some earplugs to deaden the horrendous sounds that belch out this thing & squeeze you in like a human cannoli. They did my lower back so my head came out the other side, although I really didn’t care as I’m not claustrophobic.

The technician was really friendly & told me just what to expect. This thing Is a huge electromagnet that bombards you with invisible heat waves, and you do feel them warming you slightly. The big deal is the sounds. This thing belches out some annoying sounds, all done with you as the middle of some insane speaker.

It was an interesting experience & I hope the results are equally as interesting.

MRI results

Results are in; nothing wrong with me, except for the 4 crushed discs in my spine. Ouch!

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