Michigan Decides 2020 | Trump vs Biden

Michigan Decides 2020, why? If trump & Biden both hold the current states of Nevada, Pennsylvania, N Carolina & Georgia they will have 265 & 254 respectively. Neither is enough to win, however…

If you add in Michigan then trump has 281, or Biden has 271. Both winning numbers. This entire presidential election hinges on the recount in Michigan.

It’s as if the entire election was thrown out & Michigan said “neverminded rest of the US, we’ve got this”.


I am confused about the election results. It seems that all of the news media are calling states based on their “estimated” results. They don’t know how many mail in ballots are counted or not, the percent reported is usually less than 10% yet they feel confident in calling the state. Are they just stupid or what?

The only thing I know at this point is:

  • People from Oklahoma are a bunch of redneck morons.
  • People from Oklahoma are stupid.
  • Why does OK keep voting for Jim Inhofe?
  • People who run as Independents or Librarians are delusional. Just stop.
  • Kanye West is sitting at 0% in OK, #LoserKanye!

I think this will be a different picture in the morning. We’ll see…

Michigan Decides 2020

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