Magical Mystery Tour Super Fun 9th LP

This is one of the wackiest album covers I have ever seen, just cool & fun. Groovy! Rainbow letters, silly costumes & lots of color make the Magical Mystery Tour super fun.

Magical Mystery Tour Super Fun Walrus

There are several great songs on here, but one really stands out, ‘I Am the Walrus’.

John Lennon found out that some teachers were analyzing Beatles song lyrics in their classes. So, he set out to write the most nonsensical song he could. He succeeded, but also got a really good song out of it. Just goes to show that even when they were trying to be silly, the Lennon-McCartney writing was the best ever.

The album released in the UK as a double EP, whatever the hell that means. The US was smart with this one and just released as a regular LP (album). Side one was a soundtrack for the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ super fun movie while side two was just a normal side two.

Magical Mystery Tour Super Fun Movie

I have never seen the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ movie, but I’m going to make it a point to watch it. I do have some facts & info about it.

  • It was directed by Paul McCartney.
  • It cost £40,000 or £648,000 today to make.
  • In US dollars that was about $111,000 (1967) or just under $1million today.
  • It was shot in color even though only 1 station & very few British families had color.
  • To film in France McCartney bluffed his way through the borders, without a passport.
  • There was aa scene where John used a shovel to serve spaghetti to a woman.
  • Most of the film was dreamt up by Paul on a flight.
  • This is the third of five Beatles movies.
  • The film bombed both times it appeared on British TV.
  • It was never shown in the US.

Magical Mystery Tour Super Fun Music

This album has eleven tracks on it. The songs were getting a bit lengthier over the years with the Beatles as well as most other rock bands. The length and complexity of newer music kept rising, culminating with bands such as Pink Floyd (‘Shine on You Crazy Diamond’ 26min), Emerson, Lake & Palmer (‘Karn Evil 9’ 29min) & Rush (‘2112’ 20min).

The Beatles never had a song that long, but they did have some pretty complex ones. Songs like ‘Because’, ‘Blue Jay Way’, ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ really pushed the recording tech of the time. Now these songs could easily be mixed on GarageBand by almost anyone. Well, anyone with talent. That leaves me out.

Here are my fav’s & un-fav’s

  • Songs I like 3: “Your Mother Should Know”, “Hello, Goodbye”& “Baby, You’re a Rich Man”
  • Songs I love 4: “Magical Mystery Tour”, “The Fool on the Hill”, “Blue Jay Way” & “Penny Lane”
  • Songs that are amazing 2: “Strawberry Fields Forever”& “All You Need Is Love”
  • Kooky crazy awesome 1: “I Am the Walrus”
  • Number I’m not wild about: 1 ‘Flying’

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Magical Mystery Tour Super Fun

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