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The Beatles had 13 studio albums and 63 singles. I have all 13 albums (on CD) and I have managed to find some of the singles.

Listening to ALL Beatles albums in order, plus some trivia and facts about the greatest band in history.

Listening to ALL Beatles albums, 13 plus a double.

Beatles Albums

  • Please Please Me – 1963
  • With the Beatles – 1963
  • A Hard Day’s Night – 1964
  • Beatles for Sale – 1964
  • Help! – 1965
  • Rubber Soul – 1965
  • Revolver – 1966
  • Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – 1967
  • Magical Mystery Tour – 1967
  • The Beatles “The White Album” – 1968
  • Yellow Submarine – 1969
  • Abbey Road – 1969
  • Let It Be – 1970

Songs Not on an Album (singles)

Listening to ALL Beatles albums singles.

There were a lot of singles into the 60’s. That’s how a lot of groups just did things. The Beatles put out some of their most popular hits on singles. I’m listening to all Beatles albums + popular singles.

I am not including covers or remakes. Also, nothing that ended up on an album.

  • 1962
    • Love Me Do
  • 1963
    • From Me To You
    • I Want To Hold Your Hand
    • Please Please Me
    • She Loves You
  • 1964
    • A Hard Day’s Night
    • Can’t Buy Me Love
    • I Feel Fine
  • 1965
    • Day Tripper
    • Help!
    • Ticket To Ride
    • We Can Work It Out
  • 1966
    • Eleanor Rigby
    • Paperback Writer
  • 1967
    • All You Need Is Love
    • Hello, Goodbye
    • Penny Lane
    • Strawberry Fields Forever
  • 1968
    • Hey Jude
    • Lady Madonna
  • 1969
    • The Ballad of John & Yoko

Beatles Fun Facts and Trivia

Listening to ALL Beatles albums trivia.

  • The Help! record has a song called “Tell Me What You See” then the tune after it is “I’ve Just Seen a Face”. Strange Beatles Q&A.
  • They made all 13 albums between 1963 and 1969 and one was a double.
  • Frank Sinatra Called ‘Something’ the Greatest Love Song Ever Written.
  • John got the insiration for ‘Good Morning’ from a Kellog’s Corn Flakes TV Commercial.
  • John was the first Beatle to Get Married, in 1962 to Cynthia Powell.
  • Inducted Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989.
  • ‘Yesterday” has been covered more than 2,000 times & is one of the most covered songs in the history.
  • They have spent a record 1,278 weeks on the Billboard charts.
  • They have spent 175 weeks at number one on the charts.
  • All four Beatles contracted gonorrhea in Hamburg.
  • They finished ‘Abbey Road’ after ‘Let it Be’ even though it was released first.
  • In 1969 they recorded 3 albums: ‘Yellow Submarine’, ‘Let it Be’ & ‘Abbey Road’
  • The song ‘Rocky Raccoon” is about a person, not a raccoon.
  • They were the first British band to put lyrics on the album with Sgt. Pepper’s.
  • The only two tracks to be credited to all four Beatles are ‘Flying’ and ‘Dig It’.
  • None of the Beatles could read music.
  • Bob Dylan introduced the Beatles to marijuana.
  • The KKK picketed Beatles concerts during their 1966 U.S. tour.
  • In 1999 George was stabbed seven times by an intruder.
  • The Beatles only have 7 Grammy Awards.
  • January 1, 1962, Decca Records turned them down.
    • It was one of the biggest mistakes in music history.
  • According to John the death of Brian Epstein, their manager, marked the beginning of the end.
  • Paul argued that Yoko Ono “did not break the group up”.
  • The location of John’s ashes has never been disclosed by Yoko.
  • Dec 31, 1970, Paul filed a suit against the other three for the dissolution of the Beatles.
  • January 9, 1975, the Beatles were officially no more.
  • Charles Manson claimed that there were hidden meanings in ‘Helter Skelter’.
  • John Lennon was killed on December 8, 1980. He was only 40. Sad.
  • George Harrison died November 29, 2001. He was 58.

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Listening to ALL Beatles albums was a fun experience for me.

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