Let It Be Amen to the Beatles Awesome 13th LP

This album is really good & has my favorite Beatles song ever, the title song ‘Let It Be‘. I love the documentary, the rooftop concert & the record.

Let It Be Amen to the Beatles

That is what I say & I’m a real Reverend.

The “Get Back” story that is currently streaming (2021) is a fascinating look into the writing process of the Beatles. The documentary shows the creative process of one of the most famous bands. We see a fun, happy band. There were cracks though & George Harrison quit the band part way through.

The documentary gives us a look into the creative process of the Beatles and shows us how their songs come together. The release has sparked a renewed interest into one of the biggest (and best) rock bands in history.

Let It Be Amen to the Beatles – the album

‘Let it Be’ is an amazing album with a mix of studio and live recordings. It is filled with chuckles, talking & a guy banging a hammer on an anvil. To me the album feels more alive and fun than some of the other Beatles records.

Twelve songs with the shortest coming in a just 40 seconds, while the longest is 4 minutes 3 seconds. For the most part ‘Let it Be’ is a joy to listen to, with the annoying songs being the shortest ones. Even though I feel that ‘Abbey Road’ is a better album, I think like listening to this one the most. The feel of ‘Let it Be’ is that of a band that is just jamming together & having fun. Even Though…

Let It Be Amen to the Beatles – the breakup

Sadly the “Let it Be” LP was the last the Beatles would record together. There was too much strife within the members of the band for them to keep going. Many factors contributed to their breakup. Contrary to popular thought, Yoko Ono was not the reason they broke up. Here are some possible things that did contribute.

  • The general pressure of the ‘Beatlemania’ craze.
  • Many disputes with their management.
  • Their company, Apple Corp, was not doing well.
  • Paul was domineering, so the other bandmates felt.
  • The death of their manager Brian Epstein.
  • John Lennon’s heroin problem.
  • George Harrison felt he was not being treated fairly.
  • Four competing egos, BIG egos.
  • A lot of artistic differences.
  • Yoko Ono’s constant presence in the studio.
  • John’s devotion to Ono over the other Beatles.
  • The bandmates didn’t care for Yoko, this upset John.

Hmm, maybe it was Yoko Ono?

Let It Be Amen to the Beatles – my favorites

  1. Songs I like 2: “Dig a Pony” & “I Me Mine”
  2. Songs I love 5: “Two of Us”, “I’ve Got a Feeling”, “One After 909”, “For You Blue” & “Get Back”
  3. Fun to sing along with 1: “Let It Be”
  4. Amazing songs 3: “Across the Universe”, “Let It Be” & “The Long and Winding Road”
  5. Songs thatt suck 2: “Dig It” & “Maggie Mae”
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Let It Be Amen to the Beatles

Let It Be Amen to the Beatles – Epilogue

Even though this was the last ‘Beatles’ album, the band members went on to solo careers of varying success. Paul started the band ‘Wings’, John went on to make the greatest song ever “Imagine”. Ringo had a few fun songs but mainly appeared in films. Harrison headlined the hugely popular Concert for Bangladesh.

  • Ringo left the group for two weeks during the White Album sessions.
  • George quit for five days during the Get Back rehearsals.
  • John informed his bandmates he was leaving on Sept. 20, 1969.
  • Paul told the press he was leaving the band on Apr. 20th, 1970.
  • After all of the legal disputes were resolved the Beatles were officially disbanded on Dec. 29th, 1974.

The Beatles were no more.

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