I have left this world | 0% chance to return

I watch a lot of news. Not from the mainstream media, but real news. I say real because the mainstream media is no longer a valid source for accurate news.
They spin too much propaganda for whatever rich person owns the network they broadcast out of. Their is a similar bias from both the right wing as well as the left.
Corporate interests are the word of the day when it comes to e everything that we as regular Americans deal with.
With the blatant amount of corruption that is forced upon us there seems to be no hope in sight.
That is why I have left this world. I have given up of trying to understand why Americans put up with the tired OLD politicians who do not give a shit about anyone but themselves & their rich assholes. We need a new Robin Hood, a new revolution, a new “new deal” & a bunch of new Eliot Ness’s


That is why I have left this world.

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