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Facts about Atheists & what you need to know.

The Christians seem to be confused about the facts about Atheists, so I am going to explain things.

And set the record straight on the facts about Atheists

The biggest confusion that Christians seem to have been the thought that we hate God. Well, here is the truth about that statement, we do not hate your God, we do not believe in your God.  How can we hate something that we do not even believe in? The actual thing we hate is you.

Don’t get me wrong, we don’t hate the regular people who go to church every Sunday, sing with the choir & wave their hands in the air. We don’t really care about those people & the things they believe. The people we hate are the ones who scream “God hates fags”, “America is a Christian nation” & other such nonsense. I’m talking about the fundamentalists, of which there are many.

We hate it when you get in our business, telling us who you think we can have sex with, what we can do with our own bodies & how we are all doomed to burn in hell.  I have another revelation for you, we also don’t believe in your hell. So, every time you doom us to hell, it actually means nothing to us at all. Telling an Atheist, he is going to hell is akin to telling a Christian he is going to Mt. Doom. 

Another thing Christians get wrong about Atheists

is the belief that we have no morality. Christians base their morality on the teachings of the Bible, specifically the Ten Commandments. They believe that since Atheists do not follow those doctrines that they must not have any morals at all. In reality, the opposite is true.

  • Most rational people automatically understand basic morality.

We realize that things such as murder, rape, theft, lying, adultery & most other things of this nature are wrong. We do not need a book to tell us the difference between right & wrong, those things we have figured out on our own.

We don’t want to live in a lawless society where anything goes. We are not crazed anarchists who want to “take down” the government & spread chaos across the world. 

While it is true that some people feel this way, that is due to psychological issues & not because of religious or non-religious views. We pretty much want to live in peace & harmony. 

The last thing I will talk about is the so called “war on Christians”.  According to various data: Christians make up 75% of the American population, 90% of congress & 80% of the Democratic / 99% of the Republican parties. So, when you say that you are going to “take over” the government because they don’t represent you, what the hell are you talking about?

You have a clear majority of the US Government, especially in the Republican party. You know what percentage us Atheists have? Zero! I suspect that a percentage of them, as is reflected by society in general, are not really Christians. But with the sheer number of Christian voters in the country, a politician would be smart to “say” they were a Christian, even if they weren’t. 

So, there you have it. A lot of facts about Atheists.

Atheists are just as moral as any other people around. We live & love just as strongly as you do, and yes, we are actually very happy & content without believing in a god. All we want is for you to get out of our faces, stop trying to “save” us, start paying taxes like everyone else, get out of politics & quit talking down to everyone around you. 

In other words: “Shut up about it already!” Facts about Atheists don’t care about your feelings.

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