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Django Unchained Review

Let me first say that I am not a fan of Quinton Tarantino, in fact the movies I have seen of him I generally hate. So far, I have seen ‘Reservoir Dogs’ liked it, ‘Pulp Fiction’ & hated it more than any movie ever, ‘Jackie Brown’ was “meh” & ‘Kill Bill’ was awful.

I liked ‘Inglorious Bastards’ But refused to watch ‘Death Proof’ because the trailers just looked completely ridiculous. So, my brother convinced me to watch ‘Hateful Eight’ & I didn’t like it.

When ‘Django Unchained’ came up on a Black Friday sale to rent for 2 bucks I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed.

‘Django’ was three of the things I don’t like in movies: a western, violent & a dark comedy. Plus, it was directed by a director I didn’t have a good track record with.

Let me just say that I think all of this worked so well because of one person; Jamie Foxx. Foxx was the perfect choice for the lead role. When you watch him onscreen, he IS Django.

His costar, Christoph Waltz, was also very good with his dry German dialogs. He was the perfect partner for Django, always remaining calm & sure of himself no matter how many rifles were pointed at him.

This movie has a good story, great acting (even from DiCaprio) & plenty of action. Things get a little ‘over the top’ at the end, but it is all in good fun.

Tarantino did a good job with this one giving us a good cowboy movie & a great western hero to root for.

Also of note, Samuel L Jackson (an actor I do not like) Was hilarious in a dark & evil kind of way.

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