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Begging For Your Cash? Should you give it?

So, I’m driving down the street & I come to a stoplight, so I stop (naturally, it’s red). What greets me at the corner you might ask? A bum. Well, I say bum for effect, it is a person just like me, only he is wanting a handout. 

“Veteran needs your help” his sign reads. Sad. Or is it?

You see it might be a sad tale of a homeless vet in which case I would love to help him. Or this could be a con man, preying on the generosity of others. How do you know the difference? What do you do?

I don’t have a solid answer for that. A lot of people will give him money, but most will just ignore him. That says a couple of things about humanity.

One, we are generous to those less fortunate. We feel empathetic & genuinely want to help out when we can.

Two, we are apathetic & don’t want to be bothered with the problems of others.

Three, we are gullible & will fall for a good con when it hits us.

Now this scenario has moved from the streets to the screen. Much like other aspects of our lives begging for your cash has gone digital. And in a big way.

“My son & daughter are getting married & I can’t afford the Gucci dress she has fallen in love with. Please help us raise the $4,000 to get her dress & make her wedding a reality”.

Give me a break.

Everyone has their hand out, not just the people with sick kids. Now I have no problem for people trying to get money for something serious, like paying for Chemo for a loved one or the like. Insurance only goes so far & in those cases I think crowdfunding is great.

I would love to see a real problem helped out by more fortunate people, that would be an awesome thing. But there are too many frivolous things being asked for. I want a new Chromebook, but I don’t feel the need to beg you for it.

I’ve lost my train of thought here. What I’m trying to say is; help out people, begging for your cash, if you can, that is just the proper thing to do. If you get scammed, oh well, at least you tried to do the right thing & that’s good. But, for the love of corn, don’t give money to people who want stupid crap. We have had enough of that begging for your cash already.

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