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Sexual Predators? Bliz Employees?

I am sad to say that the recent lawsuit against Activision Blizzard does not surprise me at all.

I spent most of my life wondering why my male friends were such pigs when it came to women. I never treated a woman the way that the people at Blizzard did.

All of my “best” friends growing up (& into adult life) were female. Women were much more enjoyable to be around due to the toxic nature of men in general.

I hope the women in this lawsuit get the justice they deserve & I hope that men learn a lesson & stop being such idiots.

I doubt they will.

Don’t Apologize

If you say something stupid, hateful or mean. Don’t say you are sorry later on, because you are not. You said it, own up to it. People say they want to be a “better person”, what does that even mean?

I am me & don’t want to be different. I’m an ass hole, I admit it. I used to try to like everyone, but there are people that are just worthless. Like sexual predators.

After trump [sic] was elected I completely lost faith in people. Now we are ruled by an ignorant buffoon & his legion of ass fuckers. The millions of dumb shit rednecks that voted for him are both worthless & clueless.

I no longer believe in the goodness in people, I no longer believe that we have a chance at being something more than we are now.

We are a species that is capable of so much wonder but are mired in the muck of our own worthless arrogance.

We have evolved to our maximum point & are now being dragged to the depths of depravity by the likes of Bill O’Reilly [sic] & others with his mindset. I think he might be one of the sexual predators.

Humanity is doomed!

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